Logo Design for Butte Country Ranch

Butte Country Ranch is a family operated organization that raise American Aberdeen Cattle and is run by father and daughter duo Dr. Jerry Long and Holley Bernatz. Their goal is to provide quality American Aberdeen Cattle to small acreage farmers, larger scale ranchers, or kids looking for their next project animal. They are excited to be in the early stages of popularizing the American Aberdeen breed on the west coast. 

We created their logo with complimentary primary and secondary marks so the personalities of both parties were represented, and to add a bit more functionality and flexibility when a simpler mark is needed. And we made it really personal to them by image tracing and digitizing an actual photo of one of their bulls.


SERVICES: Branding & Logo Design; web design + content management

A newly designed cattle ranch logo for Butte Country Ranch in Northern California by graphic designer Sara Landis.
Primary and secondary branding marks in black and white for the newly designed logo for Butte Country Ranch
Primary and secondary marks, reversed, logo design for Butte Country Ranch.