Will my logo be in Vector format?

Yes! I always design logos as a Vector. That way you have a logo that translates well across multiple formats and sizes.

How much do you charge to design a website?

Pricing will vary according to what you need: a single landing page, an informational website or an E-commerce site. My platforms of choice are: Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify.

After you build it, can I maintain my website myself?

Yes! You will have the Username and Password and can take over as soon as the site goes live. You will be responsible for all updates to themes, plug ins, and Wordpress.

What if I don’t want anything to do with it? Can you maintain the website?

Yes! If you have a landing page or an informational website, I offer a basic maintenance package that includes: Monthly plug-in updates (if applicable), monthly theme updates (if applicable), text additions or deletions, photo additions or deletions, page additions or deletions using existing page design, basic navigational changes (add, move or delete and item), additions or deletions of PDFs or other documents, insertion or deletion of a pre-edited video, addition or deletion of links, change or replace a color or background image. The basic maintenance package is $165/quarter.

Is SEO included in the basic maintenance package?

No. SEO is an ongoing activity that requires lots of writing and monitoring. SEO requires a commitment of several months (as it can usually take 6 months or more for results to be seen). SEO services are done on retainer.