A marketing brochure for the Junior Livestock Show

4-color, tri-fold brochures printed digitally for the 2019 Junior Grand National Livestock Exposition.

4-color, tri-fold brochures printed digitally for the 2019 Junior Grand National Livestock Exposition.


The importance of brochure design and printing as a marketing tool should not be forgotten in this age of digital marketing.

The Junior Livestock Show at the Cow Palace’s Grand National Rodeo relies heavily on sponsorships and donations (as well as the income from entry fees) to assist with running the show each year.  The livestock show has been a staple of the Grand National Rodeo event for many, many years. 

An integral part of the Cow Palace’s marketing collateral is their printed, trifold brochure. Each year we print a quantity sufficient enough for mail campaigns and for handing out in person. Although digital marketing plays a significant role in marketing plans, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of handing someone a printed, permanent piece. We printed these 4-color brochures digitally which allows us to print a small quantity at a low cost. The relatively low cost of producing brochures, compared with other marketing options, adds to their value for small businesses, non-profits and start-ups. 


According to the Cow Palace, the Livestock Show at the Grand National event is considered a “jackpot” show where the exhibitors win prize money for their animals instead of participating in an auction. In 2018 there was $64,000 in prize money directly awarded to the exhibitors. Sponsorships and donations are vital in gathering awards for the Junior Livestock Show and the employees at the Cow Palace work hard year each year to grow the show. They’ll start getting these brochures into the hands of potential sponsors soon. Sponsors receive a lot of benefits for their money — each sponsorship opportunity level, of course, detailed in the brochure.


The 2019 Grand National Livestock Exposition will take place the weekend of October 10-13 at the Cow Palace in Daly City, California, running in conjunction with the Grand National Rodeo which runs for two weekends - October 11th-12th & 18th-19th. If you would be interested in becoming a sponsor or providing a donation to the awards for the Junior Livestock Show you may contact the sponsor coordinator at kferreira@cowpalace.com. The folks at the Cow Palace are a pleasure to work with.

And, of course, if you have questions concerning the cost of designing and printing your own brochure, give me a call or email me.