Let sponsorship packets/media kits represent you

Sponsorship packets (or Media Kits... pick whichever words you like) make an easy way to introduce yourself or your rodeo to potential sponsors or collaborators. As an individual, if you have a hard time "selling" yourself, sponsorship packets can serve on your behalf, almost like a third-party representative. The point is to summarize your achievements, key stats and must-know information (applies to athletes, rodeos and bloggers) so that potential sponsors or collaborators want to work with you.


How big should it be?
Sponsorship packets can be as short as 1 page or contain several pages. As long as it looks professional and highlights your work and achievements so far.


What should it contain?
This list is in no way written in stone, but I'd suggest, as a good starting point: photos; a biography; schedule; sponsorship levels; contact information; and social media platforms with numbers. 


You can contact me anytime with sponsor packet/media kit questions. I don't claim expert status on this, but I've done many through the years and l'll certainly share with you what I've learned so far.

Sara Landis