Roadtrip to Marfa, Texas

This wasn't a work trip, it was purely for fun, so perhaps it shouldn't be included in "recent work" but hey, the website needs to be active and Marfa, Texas is amazing. Some of these were even taken with an iPhone. So, here you go! Marfa - It's hell to get out there, but totally worth it once you do. I hate saying "should" to anyone but, honestly, everyone should try to make it out there sometime. And if you do you should eat at Buns 'N Roses (homemade beer bread - to.die.for) and Marfa Burrito (best freaking burrito I've ever had)!  There. Two "shoulds" in one post and I really don't like that word - shows you how great Marfa really is.

Sara LandisPhotography, Marfa