Sara Landis Graphic Designer + Photographer

Sara Landis



I am an independent graphic designer and photographer based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I have over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles in the creative industry and have produced work for a diverse group of clients all over the United States. I run a small firm, intentionally, so I can be very client focused. Whether working on one-off projects or on retainer as part of your team, I deliver high quality work at an affordable price that matches your businesses personality, style, goals and objectives.

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Musgrave Real Estate, Oklahoma
Rural Haze
Make Mine Beef
Brem Livestock
Cal-Ore Seed, Inc.
California Shorthorn Association
SLO County CWA
Hunt’em Up Kennels
Irwin Cattle Company
Johns Cattle Company
Lander Vet
USA Kangaroo – Walkabout Motherbins
M&M Livestock
Mrs. Montana Rancher
National Egg Quality School
Overland Stockyard
Poultry 101 & Poultry 201
Producers Livestock Marketing
Red Meat Mafia

Outback Wrap
Land and Ranches Oklahoma
Tehama Angus Ranch
Dough Rae Me Cookie Co.
Felton Angus Beef
Cow Palace
Glamping Cowgirls
SJ Clark & Son Construction
Anna V Outdoors
Spur X Construction
Yavapai Cattle Growers Association
Fair Oaks Ranch
Felton Angus Ranch
California Mid-State Fair
Southwest Washington Rodeo Association
Salinas Valley Fair
San Benito County Saddle Horse Show & Rodeo
Grand National Rodeo & Livestock Expo

Wyatt Bloom, Professional Bareback Rider
Cody Webster, Professional Bullfighter
Cody Emerson, Professional Bullfighter
Mike Driver, Professional Bullfighter
Zach Flatt, Professional Bullfighter
Wade Grinager, Professional Rodeo Announcer
Nathan Harp, Professional Bullfighter
Charles Harris, Bulldogger
Colby Klumb, Professional Bullfighter
Kyle Lippencott, Professional Bullfighter
Judd Napier, Professional Bullfighter
Brandon Parker, Professional Bullfighter
Cade Parks, Professional Bullfighter
Maggie Dee Richardson, Rodeo Queen
Jason Smith, Professional Bullfighter
Chuck Swisher, Professional Bullfighter
Taylor Victory, Professional Bullfighter
Sylvan La Cross, Professional Bullfighter